Power of Witchcraft Fiction

Fighting a Ghost Cat

Is it a dream, or did I just see an old cat fight the ghost of Scarlett O’Hara?

The world is soundless. The Queen lost her King.  The King had many wives.  He had many children.  She was no Queen without him.

“Her own pantry, at the time, consisted of a tin of curry powder, a can of processed peas and an assortment of condiments and spices” – R. Deutch, 1977

Why did she go hungry?  We shall not assign blame.  It is 2017.  Is she still hungry?  Who is feeding her now?  Is the desperate cat screaming for attention, making noise about illegitimate children really her?  The King’s Children love him.  Even the Orphans she adopted are secretly waiting to steal that lovely crown the Master recently gave her.  Five years that is recent in fifty.

Random fact: Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing movie of all time.

Scarlett surrendered.  She said no more.  Surrender – that is how war’s end – not begin. Unless you are stupid.


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