Power of Witchcraft Fiction

3.33 am

There was a knock on the door.  Jonathan woke up.  3.33 am.  He smiled wryly.  ‘3 am a good time for cursing’ he said.  He put on the white towelled hotel dressing gown and opened the door.

‘This is an urgent message for you Mr Rawlings’ the hotel porter blurted. ‘I am awfully sorry for waking you’.  ‘Thank you’ Jonathan said closing the door, opening the letter.  He had been waiting for it, but this was earlier than expected.


2 +2 + 5 = 9

6 + 3 = 9

1 + 8 = 9

A dog starv’ed at his Master’s Gate

Predicts the ruin of the State.

Hadit says.  One in Eight.

Remember J.F.K. was a 9. 

‘Yes, J.F.K. was…’

The words resonated through his mind, that ritual still haunts him.  The words of the Hadit?  Yes, the words of Hadit!

For I am perfect, being Not; and my number
is nine by the fools; but with the just I am
eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for
I am none indeed. The Empress and the King
are not of me; for there is a further secret.
I am The Empress & the Hierophant. 

Jonathan reached into his briefcase and opened his laptop.  The apple flashed blue, and soon he opened the document in front of him.  He recalled that night in Nottinghill, the starved dog was young then.  She was pissed off with him for turning down her advances, so she followed him out into the street when he left the pub.  Screaming like a harpy.

‘You BASTARD! You BASTARD! You BAAAASTAAARD’ she wailed.  Throwing her drink on the ground.  She was pissed off.  Years later I learned that she taught this as a technique of cursing someone who insults you in the pub to one of her lovers.  Yes, she had many lovers.  She loved the chase.  And she was kind of pretty.  ‘Curse him in all your heart’ she told that lover.  How ironic.  How very ironic.  Maybe the rule of three is real after all.  She drowned her sorrows in cheap wine and cigarettes. And cheap men.

‘ah, here we go…’

What is the difference between starvation and gluttony?

Open document.































System Error.  Reboot.






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